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Jim Perretti, Director You could say he's a lover of art, architecture, and photography or that he's inclined toward real people and storytelling. Not so keen on grand gestures and over acting, this detail-oriented director focuses on the subtleties that make his work come to life. No one category can do justice to what Perretti can accomplish with a camera. Jim Perretti has been directing commercials since 1987 after a highly acclaimed career as an agency Art Director. Since then he's not only won more awards than he can keep track of, he's won widespread respect. Perretti's original style distinguished by a critical eye and strong sense of humanity has attracted a wide range of clients like Volvo to Foster's beer, CVS/pharmacy to Ethan Allan, Circuit City to Castrol Syntec. "I opened my own company to maintain creative control. I didn't want big egos getting in the way of the ideas, "says Perretti Whose own ego, despite the successes, appears to be non- existent. Perretti says he and his company strive to do exceptional work and not go down the beaten path. "I'm not a big fan of normal. Normal will get you nowhere. My inspiration is a kind of collective sensitivity drawn from everything around me," he says. "The idea is to tell a story, make it simple, honest, and heartwarming but never forget to add an interesting twist. You need something that leaves people thinking, smiling, and believing. That's the miracle of great advertising." Commercial credits: Ethan Allen, Castrol Syntec, Volvo, Circuit City, Wilmington Trust, Metropolitan Transit Authority, TJ Maxx, BMW, CVS/pharmacy, Showtime Networks, RCN, Carmax, and Suzuki Motorcycles.

John Lindley, Director/DP John comes to Perretti Productions by way of Hollywood. A popular and well respected director of photography in feature films. John's long list of credits include Pleasantville, You've Got Mail, and Field of Dreams. John's highly acclaimed spot for the BMW Z3 commercial which ran in movie theaters nation wide, catapulted him into directing. Lindley enjoys shooting commercials because it requires a different skill than that of the feature film environment. "The format is so fast and so immediate. It reflects the fast pace of contemporary life." Directing commercials for Lindley has an additional appeal. "When I first started shooting, features were the visual achievement that everybody hoped for... Now commercials have become the place that allows me to push creative boundaries. It seems there are no boundaries to what John Lindley can do. Feature Film Credits: Pleasantville, Sleeping with the Enemy, Field of Dreams, Money Train, The Good Son, Father of the Bride, Sneakers, True Believer, I Love Trouble, Michael, and Numbers

When it comes to real people, some say Mark Perez is the reason for reality tv. Mark started his career at MTV assisting in the production of documentaries, such as "Rolling Stones 25", and "Genesis-Rockumentary". Becoming a supervising producer, he produced segments for John Stewart's hosted "You wrote it, you watch it". Then moving up to produce Howard Stern's "Private Screening" and MTV's Motel California. Renowned for his work on "Road Rules", the documentary series for MTV, he was sought after by ABC to direct and edit a documentary that followed the lives of 5 surgical residents. This opened the doors to develop, direct, produce, and edit the VH1 Emmy nominated "Bands on the Run". This series chronicled the lives of four unsigned rock and roll bands as they traveled across the country competing against each other to land a recording contract. As his style of directing developed, his reality TV documentary filming became the genre of todays reality shows. Directing NBC's network series Fear Factor, the #1 show for its first season, gave mark only more credibility. Soon Disney was seeking his talents for "Bug Juice", another very known and successful show. Marks desire to direct commercials came to fruition as Perretti Productions signed him. He immediately directed a campaign for Bates USA, a five spot package, for Pacific Sunwear and soon after that another three spot package for Pacific Sunwear. His talents, energy and style of handling real people is uncontested and unique which enables him to capture the essence of their personalities on film. Spending a month in San Antonio Texas directing a 22 spot package called "The Lens" for Miller Lite was as good as it gets. He continues to direct reality TV and has two new shows in development. Writing and directing long format is his forte, but as the commercial world continues to evolve and change, Marks style and directorial skills will surely be seen more.